The Window Series
Begun in the late 1980s, Ken Tolmie’s Window Series comprises dozens of watercolours and oils on cavas. This archive surveys several of the most important Window Series works in private and corporate collections.

South of France
Exploring the heritage of some of the ideas he was exploring in his Window Series, the artist travelled in 1997 to the south of France to see the landscape that had been inhabited by so many of the major modernists. The result was a short series of paintings, mostly watercolours, of exceptional beauty.

The Bridgetown Series
There are over 500 paintings in The Bridgetown Series (1977-1986). We aim to archive as many of them as possible; for the moment we survey some of the most representative.

Miscellaneous Paintings and Drawings
An assortment of paintings and figurative drawings that do not belong to any series.