Clocks: Window on Queen Street, Toronto

Alkyd and Watercolour on Paper,
77 cm x 105 cm (30" x 42")

Available through a commercial art gallery: Inquire

This very large watercolour combines many characteristic features of the Window Series: a shop window display full of assorted objects and a figure offset against the reflective surface of the window glass (for another example, see Ashley’s Window). Clocks was painted during the artist’s transition from watercolours to oils. This painting began as a watercolour. However, the pale tones of watercolour paints were unable to produce the vibrance and dramatic impact that the artist was seeking, so he reworked the entire painting in oils. The result is a spectacularly bright and complex painting that presents both the rich tones of oil paints and the refinement of watercolours. A noteworthy feature of this painting is its combination of highly finished areas (the objects in the window) with parts that approach abstraction (the area just below the walking figure). This combination creates a more realistic and dramatic effect than a uniform finish would.

A slide show of this painting’s preliminary stages can be viewed on this site.

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